PAGB masters of print

The PAGB masters of print Competition is held each October, followed by a public Exhibition. Individual Photographers who are members of affiliated Clubs may enter directly, without any pre-qualification. Photographers may enter prints to any combination of the Monochrome, Colour and Nature Categories, and awards are made to individual prints. Prints are then selected for the Exhibition.

TICKETS: Tickets are not available for the Competition judging. There is free entry to the Exhibition.

RULES: The Rules are available HERE. The timetable etc is available HERE.

Entrant: The Photographer is responsible for ensuring the eligibility of Images.
Photographers: The Photographer must be a member of an affiliated Club.
Images: An image may only be entered once into each Competition (all Categories and all years combined). Guidance

ENTRIES: Photographers register and declare their entries HERE (to follow shortly). A JPEG image file is required with each print. Image files must be saved in RGB mode (even for monochrome) and in the sRGB colour space. Images must be 2400 pixels on the long side, and the file size must be no larger than 3MB. Guidance

RESULTS: Awards and Selections for the Exhibition are published in the Catalogue.
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IMAGES: Awards are in the Galleries.
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