The PAGB Masters of Print Competition is held each year, followed by a public Exhibition. Individual Photographers who are members of affiliated Clubs may enter directly. Clubs may enter the work of multiple Photographers. Prints may be entered to any combination of the Monochrome, Colour and Nature Categories, and awards are made to individual prints and to one or more Clubs. Prints are then selected for the Exhibition.

TICKETS: Tickets are not available for the Competition judging.

RULES: The Rules are available HERE.

TIMETABLE: The timetable etc is available HERE.

Entrant: The Entrant, meaning either an Individual Photographer or a Club collating the work of multiple Photographers, is responsible for ensuring the eligibility of Images.
Photographers: Each Photographer must be a member of an affiliated Club, and may only enter once.

ENTRIES: Individuals, or Clubs collating the work of several members, make their entries HERE.

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CATALOGUES: | 2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 |

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The Masters of Print Exhibition is sponsored by Permajet and supported by others including Canon, Darwin Clayton, Epson, Fotospeed, On-Line Paper, Paper Spectrum, Sony, and Wilkinson Cameras.