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  • Inter-Federation Competition

    The Inter-Federation Competition will b e judged on Saturday 3rd June in Pontefract. TICKET FORM

  • Inter-Club Projected Images Championship

    The Championship is on Saturday 15th July at the University of Warwick. TICKET FORM.

  • Projected Digital Image File Size

    An issue has arisen whereby digital image files can be saved (Lightroom and later version of PS) with excessive amounts of metadata, such that they are too large to upload to the on-line entries system. Photographers should ensure that files are not saved with ‘All’ metadata; note that jpeg quality 10 (80%) is sufficient; and ensure that the resulting file is always less than 2MB. 

  • Rules for Events

    The Executive has approved updated and harmonised rules for all PAGB competition events, and these are published on the individual competition pages.

    As already announced, the projection size for the next Inter-Federation Competition will remain at 1400×1050 pixels. The projection size will change to 1600×1200 pixels starting with the Inter-Club Projected Digital Image Championship in July.


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