The PAGB Entries/Admin system is commonly referred to as the Central Entries System: abbreviated ‘CES’. (Click on any of the following.)

Using CES, you can:

  • Create an account and log on (How Do I)
  • Obtain approval as a Club member (How Do I)
  • Obtain approval as a Speaker with an Activity (Judge, Lecture, Educate, Workshop) (How Do I)
  • Obtain approval as a Club officer (How Do I)
  • Obtain approval as a Federation officer (How Do I)
  • Obtain services as a Club or Federation officer (How Do I)

Depending on your levels of approval, you can:

  • Edit your records (all)
  • View your past image entries to PAGB competitions (all)
  • View past PAGB competition results (all)
  • Enter PAGB competitions (all, depending on the competition conditions)
  • Enter the Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) (all, when accepted)
  • Search the directory (all)
  • Buy event tickets (all)
  • Buy a licence and download a Recorded Lecture (officer only)
  • Buy catalogues (officer only)
  • View approved Speakers and their available Activities (officer only)

The Speakers Register

Information and instructions follow shortly.

Data Management

Access to PAGB events and services is only granted to Federations, to affiliated Clubs and to the members of those Clubs. Key to data management is knowledge of who is requesting approvals and what for. Some management of Club members can be done by Club officers, but Federation Data Managers assist Clubs and also manage Federation data including all speakers.

Documentation for Federation Data Managers

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