The PAGB delivers on-line services via its Entries/Admin system, commonly referred to as the Central Entries System: abbreviated ‘CES’. Access to PAGB events and services is only granted to Federation officers, to affiliated Club officers and to the members of those Clubs. Key to that is managing personal accounts in CES and their status. (Click on any of the following headings (+) for more information.)

What is available in CES (+):

There is open access to the Find A Club map. Otherwise you require a personal CES account as explained HERE, with additional approvals depending on the services required. For example:

With your account:

  • Edit your personal details
  • Make yourself known in the Directory
  • Edit any of your speaker activity records
  • See digital catalogues and virtual exhibitions
  • Buy event tickets
  • Search the image archives
  • View available speaker activities (no access to contact information)

With your Club member approval, add:

  • View your images and results entered into PAGB competitions
  • Enter PAGB Masters of Print
  • Enter Awards for Photographic Merit (Only for applicants, who will receive detailed instructions)

With your Club or Federation officer approval, add:

  • View images and results from PAGB competitions (Club entry or Federation entry respectively)
  • Enter PAGB competitions (Club entry or Federation entry respectively)
  • View speakers and their available activities and contact them
  • Buy a licence and download a Recorded Lecture
  • Submit a form, such as a Patronage application
  • View the Directory

How Do I ? (+):

These information leaflets are frequently updated.

  • How Do I ? Create an account and log in
  • How Do I ? Obtain approval as a Club member
  • How Do I ? Obtain approval as a Club officer
  • How Do I ? Obtain approval as a Federation officer
  • How Do I ? Obtain approval as a Speaker with an Activity (Judge, Lecture, Educate, Workshop) and maintain my Activity records
  • How Do I ? Obtain services as a Club or Federation officer

The Speakers Register (+)

The Register replaces the lists of judges and lecturers in the PAGB Handbook. Federations may also maintain local lists. Only those approved in the CES as Club officers or Federation officers can use the Register. See section 6.3.1 in Officer Services.
Conditions for Joining the register
Conditions for Bookings with Clubs

Data Management (+)

Management of approvals for Club members and Club officers can be done by Club Data Managers.
Documentation for Club Data Managers

Federation Data Managers assist Clubs and also manage Federation data including all speakers.
Documentation for Federation Data Managers

Frequently Asked Questions (+)

..Who can have a CES account?

Anyone can have a CES account.

..Do I need a CES account?

You only need a CES account if you wish to access PAGB on-line services, which are reserved for PAGB member Federations, the member Clubs of those Federations and the members of those Clubs.
An account can then be approved at one or more levels of Club member, Club officer or Federation officer so as to receive services reserved for each of those levels.
Separately, an account can offer activities for inclusion in the Speakers’ Register.

..How does my CES account get approved?

As far as possible, approval is devolved so that it can be given by somebody who knows you.
..A Club officer can approve Club members.
..A Club officer can approve other officers in the same Club.
..A Federation officer can approve other officers in the same Federation.
We recommend and encourage creation of officer accounts with sufficient permission to do these. Meanwhile, system managers can approve accounts but only if they can find independent confirmation such as names being listed on a Club or Federation website.

..How can I buy a ticket for a PAGB event?

Tickets for the InterFederation event and for the two Club Championship events can be bought via your CES account.
Tickets for Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) events are only available via the hosting Federation.

..How can I book a speaker for my Club?

Any CES account can view the list of speakers’ activities, but viewing their details and being able to make contact requires that your CES account has either Club officer or Federation officer approval. This is the same confidentiality restriction as previously applied to the printed PAGB Handbook.
To obtain approval as a Club or Federation officer, use the Registrations menu to make your request and await approval.

..How can I obtain a Recorded Lecture?

A licence and subsequent download of a Recorded Lecture can only be purchased using a CES account with Club or Federation officer approval. The licence is then the property of the Club or Federation respectively.
To obtain approval as a Club or Federation officer, use the Registrations menu to make your request and await approval.

..How can I list my lecture in the speakers register?

Recruitment and training of Speakers is done by Federations.
If you would like to offer an Activity for the Register, first discuss this with your Home Federation, which is either the Federation of your Club or, if you are not a Club member, the Federation of your residence.
Conditions for Joining the register.
Conditions for Bookings with Clubs.

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