An important feature of the PAGB community is that people give their time to help Clubs, Federations and the PAGB as photographic Judges and Lecturers.

Each Federation recruits Judges and Lecturers locally, and lists them in their own Handbook. Federations then nominate Judges and Lecturers to be listed in the PAGB Handbook: these are especially people willing to travel to other Federations.

All Judges and Lecturers listed in a Federation Handbook or the PAGB Handbook agree to abide by standard arrangements for bookings and expenses. Lecturers may charge a fee (or request a donation) in addition to expenses only where this is advertised in their listing. Lecturers who charge a fee are required to pay for a listing in the PAGB Handbook.

Expenses: As referenced in the PAGB Standard Terms and Conditions, the recommended rate for car travel is up to 45 p/mile, and the maximum amount for equipment wear and tear is £15.

Copyright Fees: The PAGB cannot set a fee because the copyright of a presentation or a handout is the speaker’s property, and the agreed usage of any recording or handout may vary. A range up to £20 might be considered.

Other organisations make lectures and workshops available for Clubs, where the cost may be partly or wholly covered by sponsorship. Details are in Federation and PAGB Handbooks.

Clubs may engage judges and lecturers not listed by a Federation or the PAGB on any mutually accepted terms. These should be agreed at the time of booking.

Lectures for Clubs are also available via the Recorded Lecture Service.

Briefing Notes for Judges

The PAGB has prepared briefing notes for judges at its own events. These may be useful for other event organisers.

PAGB Judges

The PAGB accredits Judges for its own events, and they are listed in the PAGB Handbook.

There is a nomination and acceptance process for PAGB Judges. Self nomination is allowed. A record of events judged, and the names of referees are required.

Applications should be sent to the Judges Secretary