Lectures Catalogue

This catalogue listing includes updates from the current PAGB Handbook, but please enquire for any more, or upcoming titles.

Pictures on PermaJet by Irene Froy, EFIAP, MPAGB, HonPAGB

A slightly extended version of a print talk which covers images from Holland, Portugal, France and England. There are landscapes and flowers as well as buildings inside and out. Some frost, some mist and some more colourful shots too. Hopefully enough variety to have something for everyone with some reference to the techniques used to achieve the results illustrated. Most of the pictures are taken while Irene is on holiday as that gives her time for her photography. (Commentary using voice-over)

Have I Got Nudes For You - Words and Pictures by Tim Pile and production by Robert Albright

This CD outlines the story of Tim’s meteoric rise from his first steps in digital photography in 2008 to his MPAGB in 2013 and how he came to specialise in fine art nudes, capturing the beauty of the female form.  Part of Tim’s secret is his constant search for locations for his images that are a bit different and, in just a few years, he has produced an amazing body of work from this one genre.  Most will have seen at least some of his award winning exhibition pictures which are all included, with explanations of where and how he produced them.  If you have not seen one of Tim’s club presentations you must book this show and, if you have seen him lecture before, prepare to be entranced all over again. Commentary using voice-over.

PAGB GB Cup 2015, 2016, 2017

The best images from these popular national inter-club competitions are presented in a series of CD/DVD shows most of which will comfortably fill a club evening. There are three CD/DVD presentations for the GB Cup (Open), the GB Cup (Small Clubs) and the GB Cup (Nature). There is no commentary but the images are fully titled and set to music.
NOTE: These CDs may not play on older systems.
Compilations for 2018 were issued only to participating Clubs.

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (2016)

These CDs contain a large selection of pictures, sufficient to fill a club evening, which have scored in the passing range at Credit, Distinction and Master level together with a few complete panels at each level with the scores achieved. There is no commentary but notes will provide a very clear picture of the standard required to achieve each of the 3 merit awards.
CDs of later Awards are under review.

Awards for Photographic Merit in Audio Visual

With examples of successful applications at C, D and M levels. It will run on a Windows PC with no additional software requirements. Presented by Ian Bateman, FRPS, MPAGB, AV-AFIAP. The CD contains a tutorial on how to put together an AV sequence.

PAGB Inter-Federation Print and PDI Competitions and Exhibitions (2016, 2017)

These CDs provides an ideal opportunity to Clubs to see some of the best prints and PDI in both colour and mono, from photographers around the country. The presentations can be viewed with or without musical accompaniment.
Compilations for 2018 were issued only to Federations.

How to Judge or not to Judge by John Wigmore FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB, APAGB

This CD lecture begins with a two minute introduction by John in which he gives  pointers of what a judge would be looking for from the images presented and also what not to say. This is followed by 2 halves of images and relevant comments; again from John’s long and highly acclaimed experience in judging at all levels. This is then followed by John marking each image out of 20. The images covering excellent, good, and not so good have all been supplied by Ashford PS.

Svalbard, Kingdom of the Ice Bear - featuring images by Pam Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP and Eddy Lane  ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP,  Narrator Eddy Lane and Production by Robert Albright FRPS

This CD/DVD has many images of Svalbard but concentrates on an extended expedition aboard the historic icebreaker “MV Stockholm”. It features short video clips plus some images that have received major awards. The frozen landscapes and seabirds are included, but the focus is on the iconic Polar Bear with close encounters in unique situations.

500 Photographs by 500 Photographers

To mark the 100th issue of e-news, the PAGB invited readers to submit their favourite photograph, 100 of which would be published in a special commemoratory edition. The response was much greater than expected and some 500 photographs by 500 different photographers, all taken from the period from the first e-news in 2008 to 2013 are included on this DVD – an archive of amateur photography in the early years of the 21st century.

Ken Payne’s Video Tutorials

Ken Payne has produced tutorials on CD for each of Lightroom, Elements and Photoshop to help photographers improve their technique using these software programs. Each CD demonstrates slightly different topics and is aimed at beginners and intermediate users. Each CD lasts approximately 100 minutes. Lightroom tutorials are on: Creating a luminosity balance; High key black and white; Dealing with bright areas; Export a file to a specific size; Polarising filter effect. Photoshop tutorials feature: Creating a luminosity balance; Raw converter adjustments and smart objects; Working with selections in depth; Adding a new sky. Elements tutorials cover: Creating a luminosity balance; Dealing with burnt out clouds; Control over colour; Adding a new sky. Ken Payne’s website is http://www.kp-digital.co.uk/ for further video tutorials.

Altered Reality - Better than the Real Thing by Adrian Lines ARPS MPAGB EFIAP

MPAGB - A Tribute to the holders of theMPAGB Award

Nature Photography by Paul Keene FRPS MPAGB MFIAP EFIAP/d3

The first half of the lecture is devoted to birds and their behaviour and the second half to insects, reptiles and mammals, covering most types of nature photography in the UK
Paul said “ I have tried to make the presentation useful to beginners, but also interesting for more experienced nature photographers.

Training DVDs by Canon

These are aimed at the beginner to intermediate photographer and have running times of mostly over 2 hours. Individual titles include:

  • The Essential Guide to Travel Photography
  • The Essential Guide to Landscape Photography
  • The Essential Guide to CloseUp and Macro Photography
  • The Art of Black and White Photography
  • The Essential Guide to Wildlife Photography
  • The Essential Guide to Portrait and Family Photography
  • The Essential Guide to Lowlight and Interior Photography
  • The Essential Guide to Wedding Photography
  • The Art of Light
  • The Art of Seeing