The FIAP Life Card is a credit card sized identification document for members.  This card serves as an ID card and, unlike the now obsolete ‘Photographer’s Card’, carries a unique ID Number that will stay with you for life.  Although having no status outside FIAP, the card can be very useful to show as a photographic credential.

FIAP rules require that the holder of a FIAP distinction must also be the holder of their card. You must also be the holder of one of these cards to attend any FIAP Congress, AGM or FIAP Photo Meeting.

All applications for the card to be made via the FIAP Platform at:- 
When you open this web page there is a video explaining the process in detail.
The fee for a Life Card is €50, plus postage and PayPal charges (on-line payment required).

  • Unless you already hold a FIAP Life Card, you will need to obtain one to make your first application for a distinction. You will therefore have to obtain your card BEFORE you can apply for a FIAP Distinction
  • If you are already the holder of a FIAP Life Card then, if you wish to have it updated (eg, after receiving a new distinction certificate) you can do so via the above process. In this case there is a charge of €25 plus postage and PayPal charges.
  • If a card requires replacement after being lost or stolen or requires amendment (eg, change of name) then the charge of €50 plus postage and PayPal charges will apply.
  • A FIAP Life Card can also be obtained via the above process without applying for a FIAP |Distinction

(Effective July 2018)