FIAP Life Card

The FIAP Life Card is a credit card sized identification document for members.  This card serves as an ID card and, unlike the now obsolete ‘Photographer’s Card’, carries a unique ID Number that will stay with you for life. Although having no status outside FIAP, the card can be very useful to show as a photographic credential.

There is a one-off charge of £50 for a FIAP Life Card. Currently, applicants for a subsequent distinction can have their card updated at no extra charge. However it is likely that in the near future a charge of around £25 will be introduced for updates to FIAP Life Cards requested at the time of gaining a new distinction or otherwise, the same charge as currently applies for lost or stolen cards.

  • Unless you already hold a FIAP Life Card, you will need to obtain one to make your first application for a distinction. The simplest way to do this is at the time you are asking to be registered for your first (or next) FIAP Distinction.
  • You will be required to pay the £50 fee (to PAGB) at the time you request the above mentioned registration. The processing of the request will run in tandem with your application for a distinction, so that if it is successful your card will carry that distinction on it.
  • If you still have a FIAP Photographer’s Card from pre-2000, then you will need to obtain a new card with your first or next application for a distinction. Again, currently, this is free of charge but is likely to cost around £25 in the near future.

A FIAP Life Card can also be obtained, without applying for any distinction, by contacting your FIAP Liaison Officer. However, such one off requests will only be processed together with the annual distinctions applications.