FIAP Photographer’s Card

The FIAP Photographer’s Card is a credit card sized identification document for members. Although having no status outside FIAP, the card can be very useful to show as a photographic credential.

FIAP rules require that the holder of a FIAP distinction must also be the holder of their card.

  • Unless you already hold the card, you will have to obtain one with your first application for a distinction. Details are contained within the “Applications Package” sent to prospective applicants.
  • If you already hold a FIAP Photographer’s Card from pre-2000, then you will need to obtain a new card with your first or next application for a distinction.

There is a one-off charge of £50 for a FIAP Photographer’s Card. Applicants for a subsequent distinction can have their card refreshed at no extra charge.

A FIAP Photographer’s Card can also be obtained, without applying for an distinction, by contacting your FIAP Liaison Officer. These will be processed only with the annual distinctions applications.