Important News for applicants for FIAP Distinctions

The following announcement was made by FIAP on 19th November 2020:-
Due to problems with the postal services worldwide, caused by Covid-19, FIAP have made the following decisions that ONLY apply to Distinctions applications being made for the 2021 batch of applications:-
1. For applicants for AFIAP and EFIAP Distinctions, there will be no requirement for acceptances in “print” salons.
2.  For applications for MFIAP in 2021 portfolio submissions will be in high resolution jpeg files only (ie at 3600 pixels on the longest side @ 300ppi).
This information should be read as overriding any references to the requirements in any of the downloadable documents regarding criteria etc. etc.


FIAP is organised to support Club photography, and only members of Clubs affiliated to an Operational Member of FIAP may apply for FIAP Distinctions. The PAGB is the Operational Member for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with the Scottish Photographic Federation and the The Welsh Photographic Federation also recognised as Operational Members in their own right.

Anyone interested in the FIAP distinctions must study the whole of this page and the separate page about the FIAP Life Card. Reference documents about the distinctions are provided here by the PAGB FIAP Officer:

PAGB Applications

This section does not apply to members within the Scottish Photographic Federation or the Welsh Photographic Federation, which have separate FIAP Liaison Officers and their own procedures.


Only one submission of applications is permitted in any one given year, and they must all go in together. The closing date for completed applications to reach the PAGB FIAP Liaison Officer will be 31st March each year.

Due to the high number of applicants, the process starts during the preceding autumn. In August, the FIAP Liaison Officer will publish full details and timetabling here for the forthcoming year’s process, and advertise this via PAGB e-news. Anyone, who has achieved the necessary criteria, will be able to register their wish to apply by following the instructions. There is then plenty of time for everybody to register, and to complete and submit their applications.

The application fee is £80 (2020-2021).


Prospective applicants should contact the FIAP Officer.

The application fee is £140 (2020-2021).


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