The organiser’s details, the opening and closing dates for entries, and any requirements for registering before entering, will be published for each event as it arises. If you experience any problems, please contact the organiser.

Entries to Awards

Confirmed entrants will receive specific instructions.

Entries to masters of print

Both Individuals and Clubs should refer to the Event page.

Entries to Inter-Federation / Inter-Club Events 

Only Federation/Club competition officers are authorised to submit images to PAGB Inter-Federation or Inter-Club competitions – HERE.

About The Events

  • The Inter-Federation Print and Projected Competition and Exhibitions. Provide entry details and image files. Obtain print labels.
  • The Inter-Club Print Championship. For invited Clubs only. Provide Round 1 entry details. Obtain Round 1 print labels.
  • The Inter-Club Projected Digital Image Championship. For invited Clubs only. Provide entry details and image files.
  • The GB Trophies (Prints). For any affiliated Club. Provide entry details. Obtain print labels.
  • The GB Cups (Projected). For any affiliated Club. Provide entry details and image files.

About Entries

  • Check the Rules and any other important documentation on the event page. The entrant (Federation or Club) is responsible for compliance with the Rules.
  • We suggest that you gather together the names of all clubs and photographers whose work you are submitting, so that it is readily to hand before you start declaring titles and uploading any images.
  • All image files must be in sRGB colour space (even for monochrome), be saved as jpg, and be no larger than 2MB. The maximum pixel dimensions for image files are given with the rules for each event. We suggest that you assemble all the image files for your entries together into separate folders on your computer – one for each event and category.
  • For print events, you will need self adhesive labels which are to be printed from the system and fixed on the back of your entries.